New Look for Gem of the Day

Filed under: Site News; in the year 2019, on the 13th day of February at 8:32 pm

If you are a subscriber to the “Gem of the Day” service, you should notice a difference the next time your regular dose of literary lunacy hits your inbox. The Gem of the Day post office has finally entered the 21st century, and is sending out Gems in HTML format instead of plain text. This means they look more like they do on the website, provided you have a reasonably up-to-date email client that can handle such things. Basic email clients (such as you may find on some phones) will still show the plain text version.

Another innovation is that a “What’s new this week” section has been added to the email. A list of content added in the last seven days (when there is any) will appear in just below the daily Gem. The “What’s New” box on the website home page will continue to show the five most recent additions, regardless of how old they are.

If, for some strange reason, you’re haven’t yet signed up to receive a regular dose of McGonagall (you can choose which day(s) of the week a Gem is sent to you), you should register now! Your email address and other details will not be passed on to anyone else – it’s bad enough receiving McGonagall poetry in your inbox without getting a load of spam too!

I hope people like the changes I’ve made, let me know what you think in the comments below.