About this Site

’Twas in the month of January in the year 2001,
When work upon this website was in earnest begun.
To spread the fame of poems like the Tay Bridge or El Teb
For the enjoyment of the surfers who make use of the world wide web.

The wise words of McGonagall were scanned in, it took an age!,
From the book of Collected Poems that can be bought from the book’s page.
The other notes and writings, let me be perfectly blunt,
Unless otherwise noted were written by the webmaster Chris Hunt.

The pictures and photographs were drawn from many sources
Utilising both online and offline resources;
The heading of the page features the famous storm on the Tay
In the year 1879, upon the last sabbath day.

If you have views on McGonagall that you would like to write
Into an article which could appear on the pages of this site
Or comments or ideas on how the site could be improved
Feel free to contact the webmaster and he won’t remain unmoved.

Now I must conclude my lay,
Pausing only briefly just to say,
Without the least shade of regret
That this is the finest McGonagall site on the internet.

Chris Hunt
Webmaster and Tragedian
(after you-know-who)

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