Welcome to Stanley

Mr McGonagall’s prize Stanley poem has, he says, attracted attention far beyond Dundee, and orders for the full edition of his published works are coming in to him.

Evening Telegraph, 18th June 1890

Evening Telegraph Poetic Competition

The adjudicator has now decided on the best poems received in the Evening Telegraph Welcome to Stanley competition. The first prize (£2) goes Miss M. Buchanan White, Annst Lodge, Perth, and the second (£1) to Mr John Willocks, 40 Crescent Road, Dundee.


For originality and other peculiar and obvious qualities, we have decided to award a special prize to the Poet McGonagall for the following “Tribute”:-


A Tribute to Henry M. Stanley

The Great African Explorer.

Welcome, thrice welcome the City, of Dundee,
The great african explorer, Henry M. Stanley,
Who, went out to Africa, its wild regions to explore,
And travelled oe’r wild and lonely deserts, fatigued and footsore.

And, what he and his little band, suffered will never be forgot.
Especially, one in particular. Major Edmund Barttelot
Alas! the brave heroic officer, by a savage, was shot.
The commandant, of the rear column, oh hard has been his lot.

Oh! think of the noble Stanley, and his gallant little band.
While, travelling through gloomy, forests, and devastated land,
And suffering from all kinds of hardships under a burning sun,
But the brave hero, has been successful and the victory’s won.

While in Africa, he saw, many wonderful Sights,
And, was engaged no doubt, in many savage fights.
But the wise Creator, was with him all along
And, now he’s home, again to us, I hope quite strong.

And during his travels, in Africa, he made Strange discoveries.
He discovered a dwarfish race called pigmies.
Which is said to be the original natives, of Africa.
And when Stanley discovered them was struck with awe.

One event in particular is most worthy to relate.
How God preserved him from very cruel fate.
He and his officers, were attacked while sailing in their boat,
By the savages, of Bumbireh, all eager cut his throat.

They seized him by the hair, and tugged it without fear,
While one, of his men, received poke in the ribs, with a spear.
But Stanley, having the presence of mind instantly Contrives.
To cry to his men. Shove off the boa.! and Save your lives.

Then, the Savages, swarmed, into three, canoes very close by,
And, every bow was drawn, while they Savagely did cry.
But, the heroic Stanley, quickly, shot two of them dead,
Then the savages were baffled and immediately fled.

This incident is startling, but nevertheless true,
And, in the midst of all dangers the Lord brought him through.
Then, welcome him, thrice welcome him, right cheerfully.
Shouting long live! the great African explorer, Henry M. Stanley.

Therefore throw open the gates of the City of Dundee,
And receive him with loud cheers, three times three.
And sound your trumpets and beat your drums,
And play up, See the Conquering hero Comes.

Composed, 2d June 1890, by Wm. McGonagall, Step Row, Dundee.

Evening Telegraph, 13th June 1890

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