McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian

TO-DAY is a red-letter day in the city’s annals. The city poet, McGonagall, has published a volume of his world-famous poems — poems which have brought tears to the eyes of royalty, of warriors, and of prophets ; poems instinct with an unconscious humour which has caused the citizens of Bonnie Dundee to retire to quiet corners and attempt to regain their equanimity. The volume is well got up, printed in clear type, on good paper, and is embellished with a portrait of the poet, each copy being signed with his autograph. There will be a rush for the first edition of this work, and ere long, we have no doubt, it will only be had at a handsome premium. The cover of the book bears an aphorism of the McGonagall’s, “See my deep insight into human nature.” and we doubt not that to invest a shilling in the book will well repay the gravest, the gayest, the philosophical, and even the cynic.

The Piper O’ Dundee, 7th May 1890

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