McGonagall in the Free Library

As suggested in a paragraph in the Weekly News last week Mr McGonagall has kindly sent copy of his “book” to the Dundee Free Library, and has received the following acknowledgment:—

Albert Institute, September 16th, 1890.

Mr William McGonagall.

Dear Sir, — I am instructed by the Committee to acknowledge receipt the donation named below, and also to tender you their grateful thanks for the respectively.

(Signed) John Maclauchan,
Chief Librarian and Curator.

Poetic Gems, selected from the works of Mr William M’Gonagall, poet and tragedian, with biographical sketch the author and portrait. Dundee, 1890.”

On the fly leaf of the copy, now in the Library, the poet has, with his own hand, inscribed the following: — “I, William McGonagall, poet and tragedian, presents this book of poetic gems to the Dundee Free Library for the benefit and edification of the readers. Hoping they will derive pleasure and profit from its pages. Believe me yours sincerely, William McGonagall, poet, September the 16th, 1890.” We understand that Mr Maclauchlan has informed the donor that the book will be adorned with a grand morocco cover, with gold bars across it.

Dundee Courier, 17th September 1890

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