The Horse Parade

or Demonstration in respect of the Royal Wedding

’Twas on the 6th July, and in the year of 1893,
There was a grand Horse Parade in the City of Dundee,
In respect of the Royal Wedding, which was magnificent to see,
And the beautiful sights filled the citizens’ hearts with glee.

The bells of the Old Steeple a merry peal rang out,
Which caused the school children with joy to shout,
And the Town House on the High Street was beautiful to view,
It was decorated with crimson cloth and true blue.

And banners floated at every window and surmounting a double line,
And the flags from the east and west gables looked very fine,
And meeting in an apex on the top of the spire,
The beautiful scene the people seemed to admire.

And Strathtay House, Reform Street, seemed beautiful to the eye,
And arrested the attention of pedestrians while passing by,
And many of them said, Mr A. Smail deserved great praise,
For having the large block with coloured flags ablaze.

And Messrs James Spence’s & Co.’s City Warehouse was grand to see,
It was decorated with flags and magnificent drapery,
And the whole length of the shop windows were adorned with crimson cloth,
Which surpassed any of the decorations in the town of Abroath.

Besides, there was a splendid scroll fluttering in the air,
And on it was inscribed, Health and happiness to the Royal pair,
Also, long curtains in orange, shaded with blue,
Which seemed most lovely to the view.

The Bank of Scotland Buildings were adorned in grand array,
With bunting from the first flat, which made a grand display,
Besides, to the terraced roof, high and low,
Which really was a very gorgeous show.

Mr Lamb’s Hotel in Reform, Street,
The appearance of it was gay and neat,
From every window flags stretched in lines across the street:
Which made Reform Street decorations quite complete.

Mr W. H. Melville’s shop at the west end of the High Street,
The decorations there were really a great treat,
The whole front was wreathed with laurel green,
And pretty little flags which enhanced the scene.

Above the main door a canopy was erected,
Which, by the sightseers, was highly respected;
lt was draped with coloured banners the whole length of the elevation,
And as the people gazed upon the scene, they were struck with admiration.

There was an little girl dressed like Cupid ringing imitation marriage-bells
On the balcony, while the tinkling music on the air swells,
Which to the people seemed to give great satisfaction,
And was declared by them to be the greatest attraction.

At the West Port. the Messrs Philip & Co.,
Drapers, and Mr Hynd, clothier, made a grand show,
And G. B. Craig — their decorations were lovely to be seen,
For on a streamer was inscribed, Long live our future King and Queen.

The decorations tluoughout the City were really grand,
And surpassed many towns in fair Scotland,
All in respect of the Duke of York and the Princess May,
In recognition of their Royal Bridal day.

The procession was headed by Mr John Henry Cooke
And the members of his company, and gorgeous they did look
Mounted on beautiful carparisoned steeds which made a fine display,
And as the people gazed thereon, their hearts felt gay.

There were three lorries belonging the Messrs Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co.
And they were beautifully decorated and made a splendid show,
And there were girls on the lorries dressed in red, white, and blue,
Which really was a lovely sight to view.

There were Cobs, and Ponies, and Donkeys, all in grand array,
Beautifully decorated with flowers and garlands gay;
And the Coal Merchants’ horses were magnificent to be seen,
With their beautiful saddles glittering in the Sun’s sheen.

On the back of one was displayed the portraits of the Royal Pair,
Which looked very lovely, I do declare,
And such a magnificent procession I will venture to say,
Hasn’t been witnessed in the City for many a day;
All in respect of the Duke of York and the Princess May,
Which I hope will be happy and prosperous for many a day.

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  1. Stephen Midgley
    In the year 2016, on the 30th day of July at 10:15 am

    Several lines in this poem show how successful our poet would have been in finding rhymes, if he had chosen to write a lay in praise of our present prime minister.

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