The Hill of Kinnoul

Beautiful and gigantic Hill of Kinnoul,
Where the heaven’s breath blows very cool,
Your scenery is romantic and beautiful to the eye,
And a splendid view can be got from your summit so high.

The beautiful river Tay can be seen
Glittering like silver in the sun’s sheen,
Which seems most lovely to the eye,
As ye gaze upon it near by.

Which is magnificent in the summer-time
When the trees are green and the woodbine,
And the face of nature looks green and gay-
’Tis then you see the beauties of the Tay.

As you gaze downward from Kinnoul height
You will see a most delightful sight:
You will see the beautiful City of Perth,
One of the grandest on the earth.

The romantic scenery of Kinnoul will fill your heart with awe;
’Tis said a gipsy king lived there of the name of Johnny Fa,
Who kept the country-side in fear, he and his band,
Until they were exterminated by the king’s command.

Beautiful Hill of Kinnoul with your rugged rockery,
Likewise your woodlands and shrubbery,
’Tis enchanting to be there on a fine summer day,
To gaze upon your scenery and the beautiful Tay.

Then away to the gigantic Hill of Kinnoul,
Where the sweet zephyrs blow refreshing and cool,
And inhale the fragrant air on a fine summer day,
It will help to chase dull care away.

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