The Coronation of King Edward the VII

’Twas in the year of 1902, and on August the 9th, a beautiful day,
That thousands of people came from far away,
All in a state of excitement and consternation,
Resolved to see King Edward the VII’s coronation.

Westminster Abbey doors were opened at Seven o’clock,
Then the people and invited guests began to flock,
And one of the first to arrive was Mr. Seddon,
Resplendent in his Privy Councillor’s uniform,
Which did his body magnificently adorn.

There were judges in white wigs sat in the front row,
Accompanied by their wives, which made a grand show,
And the Maharajahs, with dazzling robes, were grand to behold,
glittering with diamonds and silver and cloth of gold.

When the seats were all occupied, I must confess
The scene was dazzling to see. The ladies in full dress,
Glittering with jewels and pearls and golden brocade,
The scene was fascinating, and on the guests a deep impression made.

It was some time before the procession began to arrive,
And each one in the crowd hard did strive,
And craned their necks with great anxiety,
All anxious to see King Edward the VII in pomp and pageantry.

The coronation ceremony was really very grand,
There were countesses present, and duchesses from many a foreign land,
All dressed in costly dresses, glittering with diamonds and gold,
Oh, the scene was most beautiful to behold!

And, from without the Abbey, cheering was distinctly heard,
Which showed that the people for the King had great regard,
For with one voice they cried, God Save the King!
Then the band struck up the National Anthem, which made the streets ring.

Then the standard-bearers lowered their flags as the King did arrive,
Then the crowd of people there forcibly did strive
To see their noble King, as he passed along,
But few people saw him, the crowd was so throng.

After the standard-bearers came four Knights of the Garter right jauntily,
And conspicuous among whom were Lord Rosebery
And Lord Spencer, the tall red Earl looking very airy,
And Mr. Balfour followed as Lord Privy Seal, and walking side by side
With the Duke of Devonshire, in whom he could confide.

The Queen, from first to last, was the crowning glory of the ceremony,
Her beauty, her grace, her exquisite dress was lovely to see,
And her train of crimson and gold was borne by eight gentlemen,
Which certainly was a great honour conferred upon them.

And the Duchess of Buccleuch brought up the rear without delay,
Which was the most lovely picture witnessed in the Abbey that day,
And as she entered, the choir boys cried, Long Live the Queen!
The scene was so fascinating and thrilling to be seen.

King Edward throughout the ceremony seemed quite content,
And when the Archbishop administered the oath of good government
The King’s response was “I am willing,” must have been heard down the nave,
So said the King without fear, his courage was brave.

And as the Archbishop approached to put the crown on his head,
A silence fell on the great congregation, as of the dead,
Because they saw the Archbishop seemed pale and shaky with dread,
And felt unable to put the crown on the King’s head,
But the King saw what was wrong, but he didn’t frown,
And with the aid of his own hands he put on the crown.

And oh! what a majestic appearance, but he didn’t flinch,
And in his royal robes of state he looked the King every inch,
Then the Heir-apparent and the princes passed His Majesty,
That incident was the most touching of the ceremony,
Then the King took the Prince by the hand and pressed it warmly,
And kissed him lovingly on cheek and brow, which was beautiful to see.

When Queen Alexandra was being crowned she looked lovely and gay,
And the ceremony took only a few minutes’ delay,
And the King permitted the Archbishop to retire to his chair,
Likewise the Primate felt very weak, he was well aware.

Then came the Queen, wearing her crown, and carrying a sceptre in one hand
And an ivory rod in the other, which looked very grand,
Then walks towards the King, and bowed herself reverently,
Then the King returns the salutation with respectful dignity.

Then the King and Queen walked to the altar in silence profound,
Then the harmony of the choir and organ began to sound,
Then the King and Queen removed their crowns and knelt side by side,
Then the Archbishop prayed to God to be their Guide.

Then at the close of that solemn rite they both put on their crowns,
And take their sceptres in their hands, while neither of them frowns,
Then robed in purple and velvet, they prepare to take their departure,
The Queen goes first, and the King follows after.

Then the King entered his beautiful coach, the sides were made of glass,
Especially made so that his subjects might see him pass,
And he seated himself by his Queen, most lovely and gay,
Then the royal coach was driven by eight beautiful bays away.

And the people cried, Long Live King Edward and his beautiful Queen!
Declaring such a sight they had never seen,
And which they would remember for many a day,
Because they had seen their King and Queen on Coronation day.

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