The City of Sligo

And Its Adjacent Surroundings

Beautiful City of Sligo, most charming to be seen,
With your lovely Glencar Lake and shrubberies green;
Situated in the centre of a richly wooded plain,
Where the tourist can enjoy himself while he does there remain.

While on one side is Lough Gill, which is very grand,
Which is equal to any lake in Ireland,
And row boats can be had for exploring the lake at Sligo,
And the tourists hearts will feel gay while on it they do row.

Then there’s the seat of the Honourable John A. Wynne,
Which is famous for its timber being so very fine;
The domain is certainly very lovely and grand,
And is one of the finest estates in Ireland.

The ruins of Sligo Abbey are behind the Imperial Hotel,
And the principal building is the Roman Catholic Cathedral;
Then there’s Glencar, where there’s a waterfall 300 feet in height,
And as the tourist gazes thereon it will his heart delight.

The visitors are told in Sligo the water runs up hill,
And when told so with wonder their hearts does fill;
The fact is when the wind blows south the water doesn’t fall,
And strange thoughts to the minds of the tourists it does recall.

Then the tourist can go by steamer or car 5 miles away
From Sligo to Rosses Point, and spend the day
At golf, there’s a good golf course there,
And there the tourist can enjoy himself free from care.

The golf course there is most beautiful to be seen,
And most suitable for the game, its so level and green,
Whilst the pure air will strengthen them while at play,
And help to drive from their hearts dull care away.

Then there’s Bundoran, a most charming spot,
Which once seen by tourists will never be forgot;
There the tourist if he wishes can have excellent sport,
And there tourists from foreign lands often resort.

The scenery there is magnificent to be seen,
When the trees and fields wear their livery of green,
And the blackbird and thrush there doth sing,
Making the woodlands with their musical notes to ring.

Then there’s splendid fishing can be had on Loughs Melvin and Macnean,
And the trouts caught there are most beautiful to be seen;
And a few miles from Bundoran is the best fishing centre in Ireland,
And the scenery there is enchanting and grand.

Then, then! ye sons of toil, away! away!
To Sligo in Ireland, and have a holiday,
And climb the green hills and ramble through forests fair,
It will strengthen your bodies and drive away dull care.

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