Song Dedicated to Mr Barry Sullivan, Tragedian

without Permission

(A Fragment)

He is an actor of great fame
He play’d King Richard in Drury Lane,
He fill’d the house from ceiling to floor,
For upwards of three months or more.

While performing in Drury Lane,
A theatre of wide world fame,
Mr Sullivan in combat cut his eye,
But it didn’t make him cry

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  1. Lynn
    In the year 2016, on the 2nd day of December at 12:09 am

    To be honest, I have taken a look at his other poems/works and I think McGonagall was a very decent poet. He writes better than I do. The style of his poems are very simple with a basic rhyme and rhythm (yet it’s irregular from time to time), but he is very genuine. McGonagall’s work may have not been appreciated by the general public because he lacked the rigor of a well-established poet of his days, however, he might have been a good children’s author.

  2. BB
    In the year 2017, on the 2nd day of February at 8:43 pm

    I agree, Lynn. I came upon him as a challenge to read a very poorly reviewed book. I searched and to my great joy found him. Certainly, he was a good man, a patriot, and loved to write. Frankly, I could be friends with him.

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