McGonagall’s Ode to the King

Oh! God, I thank Thee for restoring King Edward the Seventh’s health again,
And let all his subjects throughout the Empire say Amen;
May God guard him by night and day,
At home and abroad, when he’s far away.

May angels guard his bed at night when he lies down,
And may his subjects revere him, and on him do not frown;
May he be honoured by them at home and abroad,
And may he always be protected by the Eternal God.

My blessing on his noble form, and on his lofty head,
May all good angels guard him while living and when dead;
And when the final hour shall come to summons him away,
May his soul be wafted to the realms of bliss I do pray.

Long may he reign, happy and serene,
Also his Queen most beautiful to be seen;
And may God guard his family by night and day,
That they may tread in the paths of virtue and not go astray.

May God prosper King Edward the Seventh wherever he goes,
May he always reign victorious over his foes;
Long may he be spared to wear the British Crown,
And may God be as a hedge around him at night when he lies down;
May God inspire him with wisdom, and long may he reign
As Emperor of India and King Edward the VII. –Amen.

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  1. Dan E
    In the year 2018, on the 23rd day of May at 11:01 am

    Coming to the throne at the age of sixty and living another ten years, I suppose was a long life in those times. During my years in Germany as a younger person, the Germans used to like to tell of Edwards more scandalous play-boy side. The one that seemed to tickle them the most was a place of Ill repute raided by the Police and the future English King imprisoned. The brothel was an all man place and Edward fought in the act, it was later hushed up as this man was to be the future King of England.
    I wonder how William would have reacted to that had he known of the circumstances, would this poem have been inspired by the great man?

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