A Requisition To The Queen

Smiths Buildings No. 19
Patons Lane,
Sept the 6th. 1877.

  1. Most August! Empress of India, and of great Britain the Queen,
    I most humbly beg your pardon, hoping you will not think it mean
    That a poor poet that lives in Dundee,
    Would be so presumptous to write unto Thee
  2. Most lovely Empress of India, and Englands generous Queen,
    I send you an Address, I have written on Scotlands Bard,
    Hoping that you will accept it, and not be with me too hard,
    Nor fly into a rage, but be as Kind and Condescending
    As to give me your Patronage
  3. Beautiful Empress, of India, and Englands Gracious Queen,
    I send you a Shakespearian Address written by me.
    And I think if your Majesty reads it, right pleased you will be.
    And my heart it will leap with joy, if it is patronized by Thee.
  4. Most Mighty Empress, of India, and Englands beloved Queen,
    Most Handsome to be Seen.
    I wish you every Success.
    And that heaven may you bless.
    For your Kindness to the poor while they are in distress.
    I hope the Lord will protect you while living
    And hereafter when your Majesty is … dead.
    I hope the Lord above will place an eternal Crown! upon your Head.
    I am your Gracious Majesty ever faithful to Thee,
    William McGonagall, The Poor Poet,
    That lives in Dundee.

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