School Board Prosecutions in Dundee

A case against Margaret McGonagall, daughter of Poet McGonagall, was called, she having neglected to send her little girl to school. Mrs McGonagall, the wife of the poet, and mother of the accused, appeared for her daughter, and stated that the child, who lived with her, was now at school. The Procurator-Fiscal asked why her daughter did not appear, and Mrs McGonagall said first that her daughter was unwell, but that she had begun to work that day in Polepark Works. She did not know where her daughter lived, though it was someway behind Blyth’s Mill, but she was a “puir thing,” and was “juist wastin’ awa’.” Mr Dunbar said he had told her to give her daughter the summons, and asked her if she had done that; but Mrs McGonagall replied that she had promised when her daughter left the house that she would not go after her. Mr Dunbar remarked that there was no getting these people to do anything, and that there had been no attempt to send the summons. The Sheriff (to Mrs McGonagall)— That will do; go away. We shall get your daughter.

Dundee Courier, 4th February 1885

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