A Noisy Entertainment

On Tuesday in the Argyle Hall, Dundee, “McGonagall the younger” gave an entertainment, which was advertised to consist of readings from the works of his father, Shakespeare, Tennyson, “and other great poets.” About 200 persons, mostly young men, assembled, and during the short time the “entertainment” lasted “McGonagall, junior,” had enough to do in dodging the rotten eggs and bags of whiting and flour which were thrown at him. One of the audience ascended the platform and appealed for a fair hearing, but was met with such a volley of eggs and flour that he was glad to make his escape, along with the hero of the evening. After an interval the latter attempted to resume the programme, but the noise was so great and the shower of missiles so well directed that he was again obliged to quit the stage, and the hall was then cleared. The audience seemed to enjoy the fun immensely.

People’s Journal, 26th July 1884

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