McGonagall’s Departure from Perth

On Tuesday Mr William McGonagall, poet, left his residence, 57 South Street, Perth, and proceeded to Edinburgh, the Poet thus severing his connection with the district. When he took up his abode in Perth some six months ago it was thought the beauties of the Fair City would have chained the Poet’s imagination, but, beyond a half-dozen verses in which he describes Perth as the most beautifullest city on earth, the Poet’s effusions have been almost nil. The Poet leaves the city a disappointed man, and, unless Edinburgh should stand by him better than Dundee and Perth, it is to be feared he will turn a veritable nomad. From his conversation, however, It could be learned that at last he is to associate with his compeers in the literary world, and under the care of the Edinburgh Philological Society there is every prospect that “McGonagall, despite them, shall flourish for ever.”

Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin Review, 31st May 1895

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