To Correspondents

Mr William McGonagall warbles a lay in praise of “The Newport Railway.” The following is the first and funniest half of his unique production:-

Success the Newport Railway,
Along the braes of the Silvry Tay,
And to Dundee straitway …
Accross the Railway Bridge o’ the Silvry Tay
Which was open’d on the 12th of May
In the year of our Lord 1879 …
Which will clear all expenses in a very short time,
Because they thrifty houswives of Newport,
To Dundee very often will resort …
Which will be to them profit and sport,
By buying some cheap Tea, Bread, and Jam,
And also, some of Lipton’s Cheap Ham;
Which will make their hearts feel light and gay,
And cause them for to bless the Opening day
Of the Newport Railway …

People’s Journal, 7th June 1879

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