Poet McGonagall Returns Thanks

Mr McGonagall, poet, Step Row, has gone into raptures over his reception in Arbroath last Wednesday evening, and in the following address of thanks has, if possible, excelled all his previous poetical effusions. The following is the “ode:”

’Twas on the 10th of May, in the year of 1893,
I left Dundee with my heart full of glee.
To give an entertainment to the Oddfellows in Arbroath,
And to see to my protection they plighted their troth.

I will ever remember their gentlemanly treatment for many a day.
Which I defy any one, virtually speaking, to gainsay.
I partook of a fine supper, I most solemnly declare.
Also every one that was assembled there.

Mr William Fraser he was there —
A very good man, and Mr Bryan occupied the chair;
Also another good man, called A. Brown,
Which, for kindness to me, cannot be surpassed in any town.

Goodwill and good-humour are the features of the society.
And friendship, love, and truth is the motto of the fraternity;
Which, I must declare to the world, they bestowed on me.
And without fear of contradiction, they are a goodly company.

The entertainment I gave them was received with loud applause.
So much, I was afraid some one would have raxed his jaws;
And all I gave them was highly appreciated,
And, the best of all, I was kindly treated.

The songs rendered by various gentlemen couldn’t be bet.
Especially “A’ the airts the wind can blaw” I’ll never forget.
And in conclusion, the proceedings were very entertaining.
Believe me, Oddfellows, I am yours truly,
Jointly and severally one and all,

Remaining, William M’Gonagall, Poet.

Arbroath Herald, 18th May 1893

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  1. Dan E
    In the year 2018, on the 25th day of April at 11:43 am

    As I often say about the style of his poetry, it may not be how it’s written; but the way it is projected. I myself have his voice in my mind that I have conjured up by the sound his writings. People who I’ve met in the past with a Fife accent seem to fit the bill. Many people would have poked fun at William,and those of a lesser calibre would have done more unkind things to him.

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