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It having been rumoured that there was a possibility of McGonagall shaking the dust of “Auld Reekie” off his feet and returning to Dundee, the poet writes that “It is not but a false rumour got up by some Enemy.” He further declares that “Since I came to live among the inhabitants of Beautiful Edinburgh I have been as happy as the day is long, because I am getting a fair share of public Support, and more I need not.” So Dundee must just hide itself under sackcloth and ashes yet awhile.

Dundee Courier, 17th October 1895

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  1. Alex Shishin
    In the year 2015, on the 17th day of October at 10:40 am

    Blessed William can’t you see
    We all want here in dear old Dundee!
    Without you life is not interesting at all,
    So come on back Topaz McGonagall!

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