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Poet McGonagall is in luck. He called at the Courier Office yesterday and had great news to divulge. A tweed manufacturer, Mr J. Graham Henderson, of Weensforth Mill, Hawick, hearing of his fame, has announced his intention of presenting Dundee’s Laureate with “one of the best suits the world can produce.” “It was just the thing I was in need of,” said McGonagall, “and Providence must have sent it.” Then he proceeded to state that he had been measured by a fashionable cutter, that he had, however, selected a dark pattern, and was to have the coat made of clerical cut. In anticipation of the arrival of this handsome gift the Poet sat down and turned off the following brilliant effusion:—

Success to Mr J. Graham Henderson, who is a good man.
And to gainsay it there’s few people can;
I say so from my own experience,
And experience is a sure defence.

He is a kind man, I venture to say,
Which I declare to the world without dismay,
Because he’s given me a suit of tweeds magnificent to see,
So good that it cannot be surpassed in Dundee.

The suit is the best of tweed cloth in every way,
And will last me for many a long day;
It’s really good, and in no way bad,
And will help to make my heart feel glad.

He’s going to send some goods to the World’s Fair,
And I hope of patronage he will get the biggest share,
Because his tweed cloth is the best I ever did see
In the year of our Lord eighteen ninety-three.

At the International Exhibition and the Isle of Man Exhibition
He got a gold medal from each in recognition
Of his Scotch tweed, so good and grand,
Which cannot be surpassed in fair Scotland.

Therefore, good people, his goods is really grand,
And manufactured at Weenforth Mill, Hawick, Scotland,
Where there’s always plenty of tweeds on hand
For the ready cash at tbe people’s command.

Dundee Courier, 18th January 1893

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