An Ode to Queen Elizabeth the Second in her Jubilee Year

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Kate Adamson writes in with this gem, written for the Minute McGonagall event last night:

An Ode to Queen Elizabeth the Second in her Jubilee Year

O wonderful and long-lived Majesty!
How happy I am that I have lived to see
Your anniversary of sixty years on the throne
Where you have not been alone
But have been supported by Prince Philip your consort,
Who when he keeps his mouth shut is quite a good sort.

O wonderful and long-lived Majesty!
We will celebrate your jubilee.
You will travel round the country once again.
We know you will not ever say anything that is profane.
Instead a great deal of interest you will feign
When someone attempts the widget factory to explain.

O wonderful and long-lived Majesty!
There will be a river boat and some pageantry.
We will put up Union Jack bunting.
There will be street parties with food and wine unstinting
And a long weekend holiday,
Except in Scotland where some people do not get the Monday
And where you should be known as Elizabeth the First, by the way.

O great and long-lived Majesty!
Please do not die soon or we will have to have Charlie.


McGonagall’s Feat

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Colin Brown writes with more information about the McGonagall Walk taking place in Edinburgh next week:

Edinburgh Peoples Festival in association with the Scottish Poetry Library present…

McGonagall’s Feat

Renowned Actor, Local Historian and Rebustours guide Mr. Colin Brown will conduct a walking talk from World’s Worst Poet and Tragedian Mr. William McGonagall’s grave in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard to the Scottish Poetry Library at 6.30p.m., Thursday 24th May 2012.

Mr. Brown will essay readings from several of Mr. McGonagall’s poems and will venture to describe the life and times of this most tortured genius.

Please attire yourself appropriately.

Tea, shortbread and Dundee cake will be provided in the Library for sustenance and revival.

Minute McGonagall

Participants are encouraged to produce their own poem, in the style of McGonagall, lasting no longer than one minute, which they will be asked to read in the Library.

This event is FREE, but numbers are limited, therefore please avail yourself of a ticket by contacting the Library

E-Mail –
Tel – (0131-) 557-2876.

It sounds like a great event, I only wish I lived close enough to Auld Reekie to attend myself. If anybody wants to share their “Minute McGonagalls” with the world at large, do feel free to send them in.