The Beautiful River Dee

Bonnie Jeannie, will you go with me,
And view the beautiful scenery of the river Dee,
And the bonnie deer browsing on the heathery hills,
While down their sides run clear sparkling rills?

Which the traveller can drink of when he feels dry,
And admire the dark river Dee near by,
Rolling smoothly and silently on its way,
Which is most lovely to see on a fine summer day.

There the trout doth sport and play
During the livelong summer day;
Also, plenty of salmon are there to be seen
Glittering like silver in the sun’s sheen.

And the mountains are rugged and wild to be seen,
But the woodlands are beautiful when Nature’s face is green.
There numerous rabbits do gambol all day,
Which will make Jeannie’s heart feel light and gay.

There’s one charming spot, most beautiful to be seen,
Beautiful Balmoral, the Highland home of Great Britain’s Queen.
The Castle with its surrounding scenery is lovely to see,
While, near by, rolls past the dark river Dee.

So, bonnie Jeannie, will you go with me,
And beautiful Balmoral you will see,
And love will fill our hearts with glee,
As we walk together on the banks of the Dee?

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