A Tribute to Dr. Murison

Success to the good and skilful Dr Murison,
For golden opinions he has won
From his patients one and all,
And from myself, McGonagall.

He is very skilful and void of pride;
He was so to me when at my bedside,
When I turned badly on the 25th of July,
And was ill with inflammation, and like to die.

He told me at once what was ailing me;
He said I had been writing too much poetry,
And from writing poetry I would have to refrain,
Because I was suffering from inflammation on the brain.

And he has been very good to me in my distress,
Good people of Dundee, I honestly confess,
And to all his patients as well as me
Within the Royal city of Dundee.

He is worthy of the public’s support,
And to his shop they should resort
To get his advice one and all;
Believe me on him ye ought to call.

He is very affable in temper and a skilful man,
And to cure all his patients he tries all he can;
And I wish him success for many a long day,
For he has saved me from dying, I venture to say;
The kind treatment I received surpasses all
Is the honest confession of McGonagall.

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  1. In the year 2016, on the 28th day of October at 2:31 am

    Very sneaky of the good doctor, to suggest such a treatment.

  2. Dan E
    In the year 2018, on the 8th day of June at 10:16 am

    It seems one great man was subtly trying to stifle an other great man, if William had of taken the hint we may never have heard of him. Some people may think that would have been best under the circumstances, but would we have had the pleasure he has given to so many.
    Some people may think that I’m an apologist for “Oor Wullie” and I make no bones about it, I am. Would all the literature, plays and such have given so much fun to so many.
    When All comes to all, William was just acting out the roll he was given in life; just as we all have to.

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