McGonagall on the Internet

Here are some other sites that are connected to William McGonagall:

William McGonagall – World’s Worst Poet

Despite its subtitle, this site puts forward the theory that McGonagall was a deliberate satirist, rather than an incompetent. Includes the author’s full Masters thesis about the man, as well as some entertaining Flash animations of his work.

William McGonagall – Poet and Tragedian of Dundee

Dundee City Council’s page on the city’s famous bard: “the world’s best bad poet”. Includes a facsimile of an original McGonagall manuscript.

William McGonagall: Scotland’s Other National Bard

Biographical article about the poet, from the “Local Legends” section of the BBC site.

The Patriotic Muse of William McGonagall: Imperialism and the Great Scots Joke

A paper published in the Winter 1987/88 edition of the Dalhousie Review which examines McGonagall’s support for the British Empire.

Inverse Genius

An article published in Parnassus: Poetry in Review in 1999 describing McGonagall’s output and readers’ response to it.

Too Cute by Half

An article allegedly by McGonagall’s great grandson forcefully expounding the theory that the poet was a deliberate humorist.

Bard of the Silv’ry Tay

Profile of the poet by James Campbell, published in The Guardian in 2006.

Understanding Bad Poetry: The Verse of William Topaz McGonagall

An essay by Joseph S. Salemi, published by the Society of Classical Poets.

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  1. Bill Payne
    In the year 2012, on the 24th day of February at 11:26 am

    Proud Scotsman of the Silvery Tay
    British subject by night and day
    Most loyal to his country’s crown
    Though many miles from London town
    I hope our Union will always stay
    Though the Railway Bridge is washed away

  2. Mark Gilfillan
    In the year 2014, on the 9th day of March at 1:21 pm

    My great, heat, great Grandfather used to teach this man & I am a performance and otherwise poet. William McGonagall wrote a long poem about his burial. He was The Reverand George Gilfillan. Can you please tell me more? & should I give up poetry???? =;-)

  3. Neil Dowdney
    In the year 2014, on the 24th day of July at 5:15 pm

    We recently visited the Greyfriars church and were delighted to see the restored plaque in the churchyard wall honouring W T McGonagall.
    Long may this great bard be fondly remembered.

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